• August 12, 2019
  • admin

Winterwise! Insulated Uv Weatherproof Hot Tub Spa Cover Bag 220x220x90 Cm

   Spa and pool water light. DXD pump wet end impeller. Insulated UV Weatherproof HOT TUB SPA COVER BAG 220x220x90 ccm. We can make any size, any shape hot tub/swim spa cover cap for you, only need 2 days! The spa cover cap is made of UV proof material, 100% water proof. Big quanity will be price different, welcome OEM, Spa factory cooperation! These cover caps are actual size , customer pls choose the cover cap a little bigger than your spa, for example your spa is 82 inch, you shall choos a cap size up to 83" or 84", or if cap same size as spa will be very tighten. Customer please note ...
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