• August 8, 2019
  • admin

Hot Tub Cover Guard 231x231x90cm (91ix 91inx35in) And Spa Cover Protector

   This link pricing is based on 231x231x90cm (91in x 91inx12in). If customer need cover other size less than this size, pls just leave message of you request size, we will make it according to your size. Such as 2400x2400x300mm, 2500x2500;2800x2200x300mmif customer need different size and shape, pls leave massage before you order. Spa bag with foam size 213x213 x 90 cm. The actual cover size is 2130mm x 2130mmx900mm. Please check your spa maximum size, including any cover lifter brackets and make sure it is no more than. To ensure a good fit. Our Spa Bags are an easy, convenient way...
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