• June 23, 2019
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Hot Tub Covers Custom Made To Any Size, Variety Of Colours Spa Cover Big Brands

   Deluxe Replacement Hot Tub Cover. From the Hot Tub Experts , over 30 years experience. Deluxe Hot Tub Cover For All Spa's And Hot Tubs Our deluxe hot tub covers are made to the highest standard. Marine Grade Vinyl, Treated against mildew, top quality stitching using marine grade polyester thread and filled with top rated insulation. For any hot tub make or model (up to 2.3sqm, For larger covers ask). Easy to clean with mild soap and water. 4" to 3" Tappered foam to allow water run off. 4 Lock down straps with attachment for spa and keys. Resistant to mildew, UV Light, ...
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