• October 25, 2019
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Hot Tub Spa Cover Bag 8f X 8f X35in(244x244x90cm) Fits Sundance Jaccuzzi

   Winterwise spa bag for whole spa. Good item to Switerland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, netherland, belgium WINTER-HOT SALE! Winterwise Insulated UV Spa Cover. Physical and UV protection of your spa. In the hot Summer sun it protects your expensive insulated vinyl lid and spa timber or synthetic cabinet from damage and fading. Then in the Autumn/Winter it protects your hot tub from leaf fall, frost and snow, plus preventing the wind getting under your insulated vinyl lid. Hot tub spa cover bag size. 244 x 244 x 90cm. Which nomally is 10-20mm bigger than tub size. Spa bag with foam ...
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